This scene portrays how the open spaces can be viewed as spaces to escape the hustle and bustle of the surrounding built environment. Places where familys can enjoy shaded seating areas and play spaces for children help to provide such spaces.
sqkm Study Area
Neighbourhood parks

Green Riyadh - Al Aziziya Neighbourhood

Riyadh, KSA
Royal Commission for Riyadh City
Lead Consultant:

WSP and their partner Place Dynamix were appointed to provide Landscape design and sustainable neighborhood irrigation infrastructure, with associated highway advice supporting the Green Riyadh Strategy. This programme was initiated in 2018 by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) to increase the City’s livability and improve the overall environment, health, and well-being of the citizens and residents.

This commission and report’s focus is the Al Aziziya neighborhood, which is within the southwest quadrant of the city.This exciting project aims to increase tree and vegetation coverage within the design provided for 54 new parks with connections to community focal points such as mosques, schools, and other public buildings. This will also include streetscapes and encompassing internal roads within the neighborhood boundaries spanning approximately 160km. Place Dynamix provided exciting, sympathetic, and complimentary design interventions for a diversity of open spaces to enhance the lifestyle and social interaction of the neighborhood residents without detracting from overall accessibility and movement.

There are a series of KPI’s that are referenced throughout the project to ensure that the aims of the Green Riyadh Strategy are monitored and achieved throughout the project programme.

Picnic areas are not designed in the conventional sense. We have observed the national habits of using shade and natural ground and designed around this. Planting helps define the spaces while also providing privacy from neighbouring familys.