About Us

We create spaces and make places.

From feasibility, through planning, design, and implementation we can add value to your ideas, projects, and developments.

We would love your project in our track record of completed projects and highly successful places that includes award winning designs, popular destinations, profitable projects and sustainable solutions.
A picture of City Walk in Dubai, U.A.E.
City Walk, Dubai, U.A.E.
SINCE 1996
Established 25 years ago Place Dynamix has been part of the amazing story of growth and development in the Gulf for more than 10 years.  We have helped international and domestic clients in the public, private and third sectors realize and add value to their developments.

Our team is passionate about creating stimulating, well-designed and sustainable places and spaces, from creative concepts to loved and lived-in reality, we can be with you all the way.
Our international team has huge experience and flair
With skills and expertise in national, regional and city planning, our teams of landscape urbanists have worked on urban renewal, transit-oriented developments, public realm and street design, transformations of districts, master planning and design of new urban neighbourhoods, resorts, visitor attractions and other destinations.
The Dubai skyline at sun rise
The Dubai skyline from the air
A pattern created by windows in Dubai
We add real sustainable value to projects and places.
North Plaza Overall Birds Eye View
Place Dynamix understands how places work. We make places that are successful, stimulating, and sustainable.

We are committed to designing with nature and the creation of exciting, memorable, unique spaces and places.

Our approach is based upon landscape urbanism which informs our designs for liveable, healthy, and satisfying places that integrate, sustain and respect the beauty and complexity of nature.
Understanding how existing places work, problems, constraints and other symptoms of underperforming places, peer review of plan proposals, strategic and detailed assessment of built and virtual (to be built) ensembles in order to optimise place value.
Describing place identity and place attributes, along with design briefing, actions and management plans and other requirements to define the intended place identity amongst owners, stakeholders and providers.
Achieving dynamic places using design and planning as tools for the realisation of a uniquely defined identity. This includes the integration of distinctive and iconic architecture and other elements at all scales. We assist in managing and facilitating design charrettes as well as primary contributions to the design and production process through our urban design, landscape, planning and environmental design and graphics services.
Building solutions, place management processes, marketing and promotion, event management and a wide range of solutions including training and capacity building for the delivery of places over time.