Accessibility, inclusive & universal design

Accessibility, inclusive & universal design

We are a leading consultancy specialized in the accessibility of the built environment for people with movement, sight or hearing difficulties. Our accessibility strategies begin with a thorough understanding of how people use and move through the built environment using innovative techniques of journey mapping and detailed site analysis. Through an understanding of how people with restricted movement, sight or hearing can interact and travel in cities we can create strategies that focus upon all users.

Through actions aimed at people with disabilities we are helping to create cities that are accessible to all and focused on the most vulnerable users. This is helping all people with temporary disabilities, the elderly, families, people with pushchairs travel safely.

As part of the leaders of Dubai's vision and objectives to make the city one of most accessible in the World in time for expo 2020 we have been involved in a variety of projects relating to accessibility for government agencies and developers in UAE. We are experts in the application and audit of the new Dubai Universal Design Code and have produced accessibility codes covering large areas of Dubai including many well known freezones, business and tourist areas.In addition we are the accessibility auditors for major area of the Expo 2020 site, reviewing buildings and public realm in readiness for the event. Our public realm design for the co-ex and UAE Pavilion will be examplars for Universal Design. We have also been accessibility auditors for Dubai Design District D3 and Dubai Internet and Media City.

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