Accra University

Location: Accra, Ghana Client: Resources 4 Africa Lead consultant: Place Dynamix
Accra University
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Place Dynamix were instructed by Resources for Africa to design a concept and schematic design for a university campus in Accra Ghana. The key focus of the design is the creation of 3 distinct plaza spaces in the central open space at the heart of the site.

The plazas reflect the uses of adjacent campus builidngs and have the following themes: 1. Auditorium plaza 3. Lawn Plaza 3. Event and Ceremonial Plaza. Place Dynamix’s design incorporates native and endangered tree species within the softscape and the hardscape choice of colour was influenced by the iron-rich local soils.

The design also incorporates outside class rooms and tutorial spaces to provide inspiring learning areas for students.

Work in progress images courtesy of Resources 4 Africa.

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Accra University
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