Côte d'Or City

Location: Highlands, Mauritius Client: Landscope Mauritius Lead consultant: Lux Consult
Côte d'Or City
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Place Dynamix are working with Mauritian engineering practice Lux Consult on the development of a masterplan for a new City at Highlands named by residents as Côte d'Or City following extensive workshop process. The new city comprises an area of Highlands City with nearly 900ha of land to the east and west of the Cote d’Or Road adjacent to the new Bagatelle Dam and Reservoir.

Highlands is a key strategic element in the future urbanisation of Mauritius as well as an opportunity to consolidate the Port Louis Metropolitan Area.

It is the largest single extent of new urbanisation in the coming decades in Mauritius and is therefore a critically important investment for the Country.

It provides an unprecedented opportunity to create an exemplary public-sponsored development, to tie together disparate developments and also to address issues and problems evident within the existing metropolitan area.

The Highlands Project has been planned over the last 6 months and has reached the draft master plan.

The project was kick-started in 2017 and will be developed over the next 30 years or more with an initial phase to be ready in 2019, including a sports complex that will also host the Island Games.

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Côte d'Or City
Côte d'Or City
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