Dubai Hills Estate

Location: Dubai, U.A.E Client: Emaar Properties Lead consultant: Lead Consultant: Place Dynamix
Dubai Hills Estate
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Place Dynamix is currently appointed by Emaar as the public realm designer for the Dubai Hills development, designing the streetscapes, public open spaces and greenways. 

Through our involvement in promoting people-friendly public realm, we are encouraging and providing residents and users of this project with the choice to leave their car at home and to make local journeys to community facilities, schools and neighbourhood centres via the greenways and walkways - a pedestrian and cycling friendly network connecting the different neighbourhoods of Dubai Hills.

A major design principle of the Dubai Hills public realm is to encourage people to partake in active lifestyles with the provision of pathways for jogging, cycling, trim-trail equipment and ball courts as well as some more passive and social activities such as outdoor table tennis and petanque as key features in the landscape of the public realm. Children’s play is tailored around natural play elements using the planted landscape and landform as part of the play experience.

Streetscape design is focused on maximising natural tree shade for pedestrian comfort and supporting the overall streetscape aesthetic.  Sustainable drainage is a fundamental component of the public realm design and is sympathetically integrated into the landscape treatment.

Sustainability is the driving principle in our approach to the landscape of this development with a strong emphasis on a planting palette based on largely indigenous and desert adapted species that require less irrigation and artificial inputs to sustain them.

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Dubai Hills Estate
Dubai Hills Estate
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