El Desierto Resort

Location: Almeria, Spain Client: Robert Hitchins Group & the Almanzora Group Ltd Lead consultant: KL Services
El Desierto Resort
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Desert Springs is located near to the ancient town of Villaricos on the southernmost Mediterranean coast of Spain. Designated as Europe’s only desert, the area has a rich history with Phoenician and the Roman artefacts now gathered in a museum park.

The project is owned and was developed by the Robert Hitchins Group from Cheltenham, UK and comprises three elements at Playa de Marques with beachfront properties, Desert Springs and Villaricos itself. Deiv Kilby and Ian Lyne were commissioned (as KL Services) to prepare the overall master plan and subsequently detailed layouts, urban design and landscaping of the public areas and golf course.

The existing settlement of Villaricos and its ancient harbour accommodate a number of infill schemes of mixed use and apartment developments which funded public works to improve the harbour and its promenade for public use including Sunday markets and a range of bars and restaurants. Design packages and guides for private gardens and for the various attractions, clubhouse and leisure facilities around the artificial lake were also prepared and implemented.

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El Desierto Resort
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