Choisy Village

Location: Mauritius Client: Constance la Gaiete Ltd Lead consultant: Place Dynamix
Choisy Village
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The master plan will provide for the addition of a mix of land uses to extend an existing urban settlement on the east coast of the island. The proposal seeks to utilize the existing community and road infrastructure of the village and provide much needed new facilities to the small village. The proposed new extension has been designed to emphasize traditional village characteristics with walking and cycling encouraged through a safe street and open space network that connects into the village.

The landscape of the surrounding area is allowed to enter through the site and provides through connections for residents in wider area to use. The new linear park will be the central focus to the new village and delineate the decrease in density further from the village centre. The grading of density ensures there continues to be an active mixed use buzz to strengthen the existing village centre and this density decreasing towards the coastal edge where the ambiance is more subdued with lower density housing on large plots with extensive landscape. This will also place the largest number of people within easy walking distance of shops and the public transport network to access employment in surrounding area.

The organic morphology has been designed to complement the surrounding context as well as create winding streets that calm traffic and are visually interesting. The different plot sizes and building types will encourage a varied community of allow for people to stay within the village all their lives, from family homes to higher density apartments for younger people.

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Choisy Village
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