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Place Dynamix design new smart city in Mauritius

06 April 2018
Place Dynamix design new smart city in Mauritius

Excerpt from Landscope Mauritius press release:

Cote d'Or City will be more than a smart city. Combining the best of green technology, informatics, high connectivity and low energy transportation, our vision is for an intelligent city that provides a safe, healthy, stimulating and inclusive environment. It will combine a rich mix of commercial, leisure, educational, cultural and residential offerings. Its unique landscape setting combined with imaginative design and lively, vibrant, cultural and social mix will support a strong and unique idendity. Our goal is to create an internationally significant economic hub providing employment, inward investment and business opportunities to underpin the live-work ethos at the heart of our vision for this mixed-use sustainable community.

The Cote d’Or City project comprises nearly a thousand hectares of prime land at the heart of the Island’s economic axes, fully under the ownership of Landscope. With close and easy direct access to the Port Louis conurbation and a direct motorway link to the international airport, the future city provides the best development opportunity for state-of-the-art urban growth in the coming decade.

Cote d’Or City will be developed according to the comprehensive master plan which Landscope has commissioned. The plan embodies principles of new urbanism, eco-planning and smart liveable neighbourhoods. It provides a framework for the progressive implementation of key infrastructure and of development packages suitable to the widest range of investor/developer interests and financing. The plan provides future-proofing through use of a gridded layout. This will enable independent development packages catering to varied capital requirements and the adoption of new technologies as the city evolves. We welcome interest from developers keen to realise innovative social, financial and environmental approaches to any part of our state-of-the-art city.

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