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Dubai Cycle Park

05 November 2014
Dubai Cycle Park

The report presents our idea for consolidating various cycling facilities into one multi-purpose 24hr cycle park to support the already World-class cycling facilities available in Dubai.

The white paper encourages debate and awareness to such a proposal and tests the practicality of such a facility in an example location. It is concluded by showing an example of such a park in Dubai to visualize how it may look, where it may be located and consider what facilities may be provided.

We are team of landscape architects,architects, engineers, urban designer & planners. Most importantly, we are also cycling enthusiasts and regular users of existing facilities in the UAE. Our head office is in Dubai and we are all long time residents of the city we call home.

The concept is not linked to any real proposal, nor is it financially costed for economic feasibility. Instead, we are team of enthusiast cyclists working on various urban development projects across Dubai and this is our gift back to the cycling community to raise debate about the next progression of cycling in the Emirate.

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