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Facilitating Transit Oriented Development

06 November 2014
Facilitating Transit Oriented Development

We have worked all over the world and at all scales from urban spaces to regional frameworks. Our experience of transit oriented development (TOD) at various scales shows it to be a vital contributor to the efficient distribution of growth and improved quality of life in cities. TOD enables the efficient arrangement of land use, density and people to locations that support and benefit from public transit infrastructure.

This information sheet outlines our knowledge and passion for executing transit oriented development and the rewards it brings for developers, governments and ultimately, the consumer. It explains how our company and its directors have become specialists in optimizing the benefit of TOD and capturing the value for a variety of stakeholders.

Place dynamix take a holistic approach to urban development in order to address the multi-faceted issues of sustainable development. The benefits of TOD are at the very core of the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainable development. When successfully executed in cities, these benefits can be realised by government authorities, private companies and local people.

As we move to a predominantly urban world, there has never been a more appropriate time to re-evaluate and address how cities are evolving. As they grow, enormous pressure is placed on existing transport and infrastructure systems to move people efficiently, affordably and equitably. Even with government investment in roads the speed of construction cannot keep pace with this unprecedented urban growth. The resulting cycle of rapid growth, congestion and subsequent restricted development leads to economic, social and environmental problems that diminish quality of life. Sometimes these negative factors threaten the very existence of the city and the advantages it should being to businesses, residents and hinterland.

The most successful cities demonstrate that public transit is always a good thing.Conversely, the rise of auto-oriented cities has shown us that relying solely on this one form of transport is unsustainable. Road based transport consumes disproportionately more space and energy, increases local air pollution, is more expensive and decreases opportunities for healthy lifestyles in addition to causing more fatalities than any other mode of transport.

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